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Venus in air seems to give a basically Libra feel and also a feminine gloss. I think it is very interesting that women generally tend to have a Venus in air orientation with love of networking and friendships, neat bedrooms and cosy chats. They are much more Libra than men are. They are orientated in social relationships and cosy firesides, like a strong Cancer vibe there too. What is also apparent here is that fire and earth are somewhat masculine and are centred much more in the external world, as men patently are; and that women as air and water, are so oriented in human relationships and feelings.

I think this is a superb summary of what happens in reality.

Though there are exceptions, but as a rule, I think these things are true, i. I am now exploring how the "planets in the signs" relate to the "elemental nature" of each planet. So many of all my new ideas are rooted in my currently ongoing meditation upon each sign and planet as an aspect of its elemental orientation and how that impacts upon the house positions.

Quick example: my Uranus is in Cancer; but Uranus is an air planet; my Mercury, another air planet, is in Taurus an earth sign; my Venus, the other air planet is in Taurus; thus all my air planets, as it were, are grounded in negative signs, two in earth and one in water. If we repeat such an analysis for each element, we generate from it new clues as to why folks who are air, say, often behave more as if they were water or fire.

1st Astrological House

Lately, I have been thinking about the combos of the elements and this is really amazing stuff, which seems to unlock the mysteries of so many charts. For example fire and water. Well, fire and water not mixing is a bit of an old chestnut.

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What it really shows is emotional volatility pure and simple. Thus, where a water sign rises [equals water fire overlay] or where any water planet is in a fire sign [less so BTW with fire planets in water signs for some weird reason] then out comes the emotional instability and volatile nature. Typical examples are Moon in Aries, Leo or sag, which all give a very fiery temper, emotional zeal and great impatience, very short fuse: whoosh up they go like a fire rocket! They anger easily but recover quickly too. There is a very swift emotional response to events.

The key points are speed of reaction plus emotions. Another good example is Jupiter in Scorpio, or Jupiter in Pisces but the difference with the fire planet in the water sign is that it comes out as sensitivity and sulkiness rather than the whoosh fire rocket! The speed and energy of the fire planet is slightly muted in a water sign. It slows it down.

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As if the SIGN determines the outcome character but the planet gives the energy. This all gives emotional volatility IMHO. Another good example is the earth-fire versus water-air polarity.

The old idea that earth goes with water and fire with air is not so insightful. Water with air is a mix of thought and emotion and these are essentially internal dreamers and sensitive thinkers thus all artists, musicians and poets, etc. They think and feel all the time. By contrast, the earth fire types mix energy and matter and that gives machines, doers, and active people of all types.

Elemental Suns in the Elemental Houses

Fred Dibnah is a good example. It is a perfect account of females and males in that order. Thus, they are more sensitive artistic types. Fire earth types do not have much going on in terms of thoughts and feelings. They avoid them. They are rooted in and happy with matter and energy. It is like men who like fast cars and football - matter and energy. A fire chart must contain an overall emphasis of fire signs and fire planets. In fire charts all of the fire planets, and their houses, are accentuated in power.

A water chart must contain an overall emphasis of water signs and planets and houses. In water charts ALL the water planets, and their houses, are accentuated in power. In earth charts, all the earth planets, and their houses, are accentuated in power. In air charts all the air planets and their houses are accentuated in power. It is thus automatically augmented by any good aspects from other planets to the sun also.

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In such a situation the character of the Moon will be greatly influenced by the sign it is in. This theme can be repeated for all planets and their corresponding houses and ruling planets. Thus, wherever in the chart such planets and their signs appear, that is where action, feelings, practicality and mentality will, chiefly, be focused in the person's life. In addition, that gives rise to a lot of blending. However, the location of planets in houses also shows in some charts where the energy is located and what overlay or overlays are most active.

In charts where planets are mostly in water signs; and in which Moon, Pluto and Neptune are forming most of the aspects, feelings will be the main focus. Likewise, in those charts with fire signs mostly occupied and aspects between Mars, Sun and Jupiter predominating, then in such people action is the main focus. Most people are blends of these features, having a mix of such influences. It is also important to observe the amount of each element in the chart as that gives clues to the mentality and life pattern. In a fundamentally water type of chart the aspects to the water planets are certainly the most important and have precedence over all other aspects.

Likewise, in a predominantly air chart only the air signs and air planets need to be considered in delineating huge areas of the mentality and life pattern. Thus from considerations of this kind, a lot of sense can be made of a chart just through considering the elemental bias the chart seems to contain.

Likewise, a water chart can be defined as a chart with most aspects to the water planets. From weighing up all the features in a chart based on their elemental status, we can proceed in this way to determine the precise elemental bias of the chart as a whole. On such a basis, it can be shown what type a person is born at a certain time. Based upon that, it then becomes possible to make certain observations about the likely conduct, responses and interests of such a person.

Jupiter in the 3rd stresses an air-fire overlay it brings fire, profusion and enthusiasm to all 3 rd house activities like writing and literature; it also resonates with my Sun in Gemini [again emphasising fire] and thus acts like a Sun Jupiter conjunction in Gemini trine Neptune in Libra and trine the Uranus of Aquarius covering the 3 rd house. Thus, there is a firm principle here: any planet in the same sign as the Sun or in the same house is augmented in power and acts like a Sun conjunction with that planet.

Mars in 10th shows an earth-fire overlay and is essentially a pragmatic use of energy and leadership. It can be construed as a form of leadership [Mars and Aries] in career [10 th ] and hence ambitious.

House (astrology)

Career changes up or down with geat speed and there may be accidents at work. A lot will also depend upon the aspects to Mars. Thus there is a blending here of Neptune emotionality, of Libran fairness and of career or 10 th house matters. With aspect located at 10th it also brings in an anchoring earth element relating to practical affairs. This water in air is also expressed about career. The conflict of resolution with any chart concerns how we decide where the events will be located.

It seems that planets and signs represent energies, which are then anchored into the events of a life by the house locations. In this sense, therefore, the planets, signs and aspects represent innate impulses and the houses where those impulses will become manifest in subject and where they will erupt, or be expressed, into areas of activity and focus within the life of the individual. Thus, the houses and cusps are very critical in delineating the actual areas of focus where theses energies within the chart will break through into real manifestation in life events.

Thus, all planetary positions can be translated into the chart overlay concept. For emotions, we should check Moon, Neptune and Pluto. If Moon is in Cancer Taurus or Libra then it gives great calm and charm compared to it being in a more aggressive and volatile fire sign, for example.

The reactions in arise are explosive and emotional and melodramatic with intense feelings. The character of the feelings is also determined as about action and achievement when in the fire signs. In earth, about practical matters, in air about thoughts, ideas and people, etc. Wherever Mercury Venus and Saturn are found the practical earthy matters will be focused in the chart, while the position of Venus Mercury and Uranus delineate the thoughts ideas and sociality.

However, these planets also determine the earth features. It is chiefly Uranus for air and Saturn for earth which distinguish betwen air and earth qualities in a chart, as they are the only planets that separate a focus upon the two elements, above all others, apart from house positions. The power of any planet in a fire house, will be enhanced especially if it is a fire planet and especially if it is the same house as the Sun sign.

Any planet in the same house of the Sun is enhanced in power. My Jupiter in 3 rd covers the Gemini Sun, thus giving a blending of influences that is the clear equivalent of a Sun Jupiter conjunction in Gemini. The elements also indicate the sphere of activity; for example water signs, houses and planets show the emotional responses we make to the world; earth show matter and practical worldly affairs; fire show where energy will be focused in actions and achievement orientation, and air show where communication, relationships and humanity will manifest.

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