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If the sickness began when the Moon transited over the 6th lord of Prasna or natal chart then the cure will come when Moon transits the 4th Lord sign in the Prasna or natal chart. Understand that the nakshatra in which disease starts has animportant message to convey related to karma. If it is the janma or anujanma conception also nakshatra then it relates to longevity or sometimes the onset of genetic diseases. If it is karma nakshatra then major changes in work are to take place or if it a simple fever then, it can indicate that some evil at work is being overcome.

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Gulika And Their Effect In Twelfth House

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However, our focus will be on interpreting these points, as any good Vedic Astrological Software will calculate these for you. All other Upagrahas, possess only half the power of Gulika in the ability to cause evil. These same principles will be true for Paridhi the son of Chandra when the Moon is waning in the horoscope and Ardhaprahara the son of Budha when Mercury is considered a cruel planet by general principles of astrology.

These Kala Velas, when well situated, benefit the houses in a similar fashion as Yamaghantaka. These Kala Velas, when well situated, tend to give strength, courage, initiative, power, fortitude and consistency within the area of life represented by the houses in which they are placed.

However, this usually only occurs in the 3 rd , 6 th , 10 th and 11 th houses. Other wise Kala a son of the Sun often causes too many sacrifices that are too high a price in the houses he is situated. Mrityu a son of Mars causes frustration, animosity, impatience and injury within the houses he is situated. Since these are shadow planets, their qualities are the hidden shadow side of their fathers. Mandi is also a son of Saturn. Some astrological texts consider Gulika and Mandi to be one in the same, others see Gulika and Mandi as two separate astrological forces.

Mandi is spoken of as an important point of consideration, particularly in Sarvatha Chintamani. This is true as well if Rahu and Mandi occupy the 10 th house, or Rahu or Ketu is in the 8 th and the 9 th lord is occupying a sign of debilitation.

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As with Rahu, Ketu and the Dhooma Group, before coming to a conclusion, each chart should be assessed individually. The more beneficial and stronger the ascendant, ascendant lord and atmakaraka, the less damage the negative Kala Velas will cause. Also, the strength and beneficence of the dispositor of the Kala Vela in question, should be considered.


The placements and types of planetary aspects the Kala Vela has must be considered. In this manner Sunday must be followed by Monday. From Table 2. Thus, the next day following Sunday is ruled by the Moon and is called Monday. In this manner, taking every fourth planet the subsequent weekdays shall be Mars-day or Tuesday , Mercury-day or Wednesday , Jupiter-day, or Thursday , Venus-day or Friday and Saturn-day or Saturday.

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Lesson: Hora Hour and Vara weekday are closely interlinked and can be substituted in determining auspicious election time. In this lesson we learn to check whether the chart is that of a male or female. This is the only perfect method available in Vedic Astrology to do so. What are these seven lights and what is their relevance to Jyotish? These seven rays are represented by the seven planets with bodies from the Sun to Saturn.

Rahu and Ketu, the nodes of the Moon do not find a place in this scheme, as they do not have a body.

Thus, this also leads to another law in the judgment of progeny in that the nodal axis of Rahu-Ketu indicates the termination of fertility or more births may not occur after they come into the picture. They have the Sapta-Matrika Seven Mothers as their presiding deities.

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  4. Then, convert the Ghati into Vighati by multiplying by Divide the product by 9 and take the remainder. If the remainder has a fraction, then convert this into the next higher integer even if the fraction is less than 0. The planet is reckoned in the regular method of counting from the Sun 1 to Ketu 9 in the order of the weekdays[2]. Example: 1. The Sunset time is Other readings exalted male or according to the sign Sagittarius wherein ketu is placed debilitated female etc, for the external nature of the person shall also be accurate.

    Example 2: Horoscope time confirmation can be done by using this knowledge of Birth Vighati. Thus, on the basis of the method delineated by the Maharishi Jaimini we can infer that the birth time of given is not correct. The aqlternate birth time of trial on the basis of Navamsa and Dasamsa is found to be more accurate as given below. The exalted male or native is a very tough officer and the very mention of his debilitated female name sends tremors in the minds of the subordinates.

    He is a strict disciplinarian as indicated by Rahu in ninth house. The deities are the seven forms of the Earth Mother. My reply is given here. There is a typo in that article as two stages of corrections have been skipped. I will list them here - 1. The first choice is either remainder 7 or 5 i.

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    Saturn or Jupiter. Jupiter is a male planet but conjoins Ke Female and is in Scorpio Female The numbers in the second stage of checking are 4 below 5 and 8 above 7. These are the two planets Mercury and Rahu. Please note that there are too many typos in that very old article which was written way back in time when I did not know how to start a computer Yu can see that the time in the very first step is shown as when the given time was or Hrs. Now taking the remainder as 8 can you work out the exact birth time for this officer?

    Its easy. Graha Guna: the lordship causes the sign to behave in a certain manner due to ownership consideration i. Then the signs are the states and the lord of a sign is the state governor. And this can be even more confused when we have planets in signs other than the lord as this brings in 3 powerful outside forces that want to alter the state policy. What about aspects? This adds a new set of goals 4 brought about by pressure groups. At the stage of beginners we are not to confuse and explain the Goal 1 and Goal 2 only and that is what we shall aim at first.

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    Look at any sign. It will have a goal based on its nature and can be principally one of the three parts of AUM i. A for creation, U for preservation and M for destruction. This AUM is Shiva auspicious and strong - sanskrit. The process of change can only occer if what is sustained is detroyed so that it can be replaced. So when sustenance is offered by the universe, the individual seeks change or destruction. Similarly when something is worn out and needs to be destroyed by the universe, the individual does not easily accept this change and strives to sustain it - be it a relationship, wealth or health.

    Since the individual perspective is based on illusion caused by misconception and fears [Rahu], the mantra for the individual is a reversal of AMU and it is UMA.

    mandi and gulika vedic astrology Mandi and gulika vedic astrology
    mandi and gulika vedic astrology Mandi and gulika vedic astrology
    mandi and gulika vedic astrology Mandi and gulika vedic astrology
    mandi and gulika vedic astrology Mandi and gulika vedic astrology
    mandi and gulika vedic astrology Mandi and gulika vedic astrology
    mandi and gulika vedic astrology Mandi and gulika vedic astrology

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