Number one song on your 30 birthday

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How much history can you fit into one stellar pop hit? At the Grammys , the trio deepened that Big Apple connection by performing the song with a set and costumes that alluded to the Harlem Renaissance.

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Khaled later recalled Facetiming with Rihanna while she recorded her vocal for the song. Pretty soon, the world would be dancing along, too. But I know the weight of those three words. In the process, she toys with gender roles. The dancehall song was the work of small army of songwriters, including Stargate, Ester Dean, Makeba Riddick, Rob Swire and Rihanna herself, and it quickly shot to Number One on the Hot and stayed there for five straight weeks.

No other song from the album was nearly as successful. The lyrics could come straight from an early Black Sabbath record, yet it bumps and grinds with a beat engineered for the dance floor.

Welcome to Your 30s! Happy Birthday!

Why do I feel like this? The overall theme? Rihanna does what she wants, and no one can stop her. From a pop standpoint, this non-album track was a relative failure, stalling at Number 15 on the Hot In , Rihanna was still a teen pop starlet finding her footing. Getting recognized for the work you do is deeply satisfying. It makes the hard part of hard work worth every late night or early morning—and it makes work, your occupation and where you spend most of your time, inherently more valuable than a paycheck.

That reputation of competence and hopefully eventual mastery is awesome. Relationships take work, even when they seem great. Especially then.

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Time spent with your grandparents is time very well spent. Have something competitive in your life. Plus, I got a mean jump shot. Have a motor and be meticulous. Show up consistently and show up early. Be reliably hardworking. Be that guy or lady that is just up to stuff. People know you have irons in the fire or pots boiling on the stove or whatever metaphor you want to use for motherfucking hustle. Cynicism is easy. Making fun of someone or something is easy.

It takes almost no effort. Being optimistic or pragmatic or almost anything other than cynical is harder, requires more thought and is much much more valuable. You get the same satisfaction without having yet accomplished it and, because your brain already reaped the rewards, you are now a whole lot less likely to ever follow through. Feel free to use a credit card and bask in those sweet sweet reward points, but only if you pay off the full balance every month.

Credit card debt grows like cancer cells and is almost as scary. When I learned about the real tangible and sciencey benefits you can get from it, I started meditating daily, nightly and ever so rightly—and it has changed a lot of my cognitive patterns for the better. They only think about themselves. As someone who attended college during the golden age of digital cameras called PIXMA or ELF, all stuffed with memory cards overflowing with photos of nights spent young and drunk and free from both responsibility and guilt—photos that incidentally needed a place to live and to be shared—there are literally thousands of pictures of me on Facebook.

How to Throw the Best 30th Birthday Party

Nobody needs that many pictures of themselves, much less of me, and now my life between the age of 21 and about 24 is just about as well remembered by anyone who cares to go clicking and liking as it is by me. Be a gentleman. Hold a door or walk on the outside of the sidewalk. Ladies is gentlemen too and you can hold the door for anyone of any sex. Just be thoughtful and helpful to all people. Be cognizant of how food makes you feel after you eat it. That is just as important as how it tastes.

A lovely cheese pizza just for me. And I would house that thing and then lie on the floor in basketball shorts and blissful contentment. I still love pizza almost as much as I love my girlfriend but if I eat more than one slice or so my body gets apoplectic at me. First impressions stick in heads like a Carly Rae Jepsen song. Be accountable. Show up on time.

Find the #1 Song on the Day You Were Born

Do what you agree to do. These are all key aspects of being a grownup. Listen to enough music so that you have five or six songs in the chamber at any given time that emotionally just cut you open and spill your guts. Fire them up loud in your headphones to enhance or create awesome moments that are only your own where, at least for the length of that song, you are pure purpose and meaning and dazzling energy shooting forth from your eyeballs. Vowing to dress her man up in some head-to-toe loving, she makes this throbbing come-on impossible to resist.

It goes from stripped-down earnestness to churched-up gloriousness.

The Beatles - Abbey Road 50th Anniversary Releases

Madonna as cowgirl? With its acoustic guitar, country stomp, and stop-start trippiness, this song — co-written by Americana artist Joe Henry and produced by electronica savant Mirwais — succeeds against the odds. One of five songs on her first album written solely by the singer, this radiant twirler feels as if it comes equipped with its own disco ball.

Blige collaborator Dave Hall.

Jobs To Which We Were Totally Unsuited

And she would repeat that kind of party hyping throughout her career. Dealing with teen pregnancy, this No. Bonita is Spanish for pretty, and this island-breezy ditty is certainly one of the loveliest tunes that Madonna has ever done. It never fails to give you chills.

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As much as Madonna may be known for her more titillating songs, she has also been capable of pure pop bliss. No doubt, she has rarely sounded more open-hearted than she does here. A spoken-word ode to releasing your inner freak that grinds to the sleaziest of beats is not supposed to justify such mainstream love.

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Number one song on your 30 birthday

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