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Pisces is a water sign, which means the men born under this astrological zodiac are considered deep. In fact, very deep. Pisces, when translated from Latin, means fish. As mentioned earlier, Pisces is a water sign. In simple speak, this means people who are of this horoscopic background dive deep. The Pisces sign is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is the largest known planet in our solar system. Neptune is furthest from our sun.

Combined, these two celestial bodies infuse Pisces men with unique powers that manifests in what many believe to be strange, psychic abilities. Both celestial bodies are gas giants, with Neptune symbolizing an end to reality and the start of a new dimension. Jupiter represents deep thought, reality and is all about the here and now.

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Working in tandem, the two planets create a kind of quantum field that transcends space and time. When you think of Pisces, think of creative types. Much of their creative skill sets come from their ability to feel different emotions, such as sadness and joy. This makes sense when you consider Pisces is considered a mutable sign.

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  4. Be it the ocean, a lake or pond, Pisces men and women are drawn to bodies of water like moths to a flame. Moreover, for reasons known only to him, Piscean guys have always been drawn to water — since childhood. For example, other signs, like Leo, may look upon the Pacific Ocean and see beautiful shades of blues and greens. Pisces, however, will look at that same stretch of ocean and wonder what creatures live in the water and begin to fantasize about life as a dolphin. If you like boating, camping by water or canoing , you can count on Pisces men to be down with it.

    There is a unique relationship that Pisces men have with animals of all types. For reasons that seem almost supernatural, this sign forms bonds with dogs, cats and even wild creatures of nature in an uncanny way. Based on personal observation, it is my belief that some of this is due to the Piscean ability to empathically communicate with nature. To be blunt, Pisces men are born caretakers.

    It is their nature to watch after, take care of and be with someone who needs attention. Moreover, there is a tendency to care too much, which in turn leads to an unattractive, clingy codependency. Pisces born people do possess psychic abilities. While women tend to have these powers more than the guys, Piscean males are plenty empathic. Additionally, Pisces is the sign that can sense a disturbance in the universe in real time.

    Let me give you an example.

    The Look of Pisces Men

    Several years ago, a major aviation incident happened that killed many people. Minutes before the news became public, a friend of mine, who happens to be Pisces and psychologist , called me on the phone. To my knowledge, all was OK. Sure enough, minutes later, my smart-phone started blowing up from news organizations with word that a plane had crashed with no survivors.

    My point is that my Piscean friend felt the mass loss of life as it happened. If you are a Pisces born person or attached to someone who is, you know exactly what I am talking about. All I know is that this sign is particularly gifted in this area. One of the challenges for Pisces born people, particularly men, is the struggle with horrible indecisiveness, which leads to extreme procrastination. The reason is simple. Pisces men get caught up in a morass of what if questions. Some believe Neptune is to blame for this trait.

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    Inherent Traits of the Pisces Man - Things You Would Want to Know

    Others point to Jupiter. This is in part due to their persona, which is go with the flow. In turn, this can cause bouts of depression and irritability. His response will be to engage in a toxic game of self-blame and obsess over the rejection. Pisces men are also people pleasers. They are most happy when they can bring others joy. This means engaging in caretaking behaviors. The downside is that Pisces men often struggle with self-care. While not true of all, most Pisces men are introverted. They need to be alone for long stretches of time to process the emotional material they pick up from others.

    During time in seclusion, they will often meditate or engage in some other behaviors to recharge their batteries. When researchers studied the sign that is most prone to alcoholism , Pisces seemed to rank the highest. Considering how consumed this astrological sign is with others, this makes sense. Because of Piscean men absorb so much emotional pain from others, they sometimes drink themselves into oblivion as a method of escape. This goes back to what was mentioned earlier about being natural caretakers.

    How To UNDERSTAND A Pisces Man Part 1

    One aspect that needs pointing out is confusion on the part of some Piscean guys between friendship and romance. Because this sign often lives in a bifurcated world of fantasy and reality, he has difficulty discerning basic friendships with romantic and sexual relationships.

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    This is not to knock Pisces men. Men born under this sign are natural healers and caretakers. Our first U. President, George Washington, was Pisces. Pisces men are best suited to work in the helping professions as a career. They are particularly suited for this because of their empathic skills. Some are great at it.

    Understanding The Pisces Man | azbluridpromac.gq

    The exception are Pisces men who manage the money of others, i. Here, the fish excels. Men who are Pisces tend to be open minded, non-judgmental and compassionate. They also happen to be highly intelligent, in part because they love to learn all they can about the world they live in. This inner focus of the Pisces man makes him mysterious and enigmatic to many people. Both adorable goldfish and predatory shark, a Piscean often displays a duality in his personality.

    Epitomizing his water element, he is fluid and easygoing, always swimming with the current and going with the flow. Like any current, this relaxed approach often belies a deeper underflow. The calm, collected facade of a Pisces man often hides his passionate and sensitive inner turmoil.

    He possesses a strong and vivid imagination, expressing his thoughts through writing, dance, or song.

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    Extraordinary and creative, the Pisces man is often found making a splash in the arts industry. Deeply romantic, love represents the ultimate ideal to the Pisces man. His heart is true and he loves others with a selfless purity. Shy and taciturn, the Fish often does not approach a lover directly, preferring instead to swim in circles, scoping out the situation before taking the bait and diving in.

    A Piscean will never fall in love at first sight. Slowly, carefully, he will engage in love. He expects fireworks and magic, an ideal of Love as it is expressed in the greatest ballads, poems, and songs. Love is pandemonium and heaven to the Fish and he will expect the oceans to part when he finally falls for someone special. He will think up delicious surprises and treats for a partner, and a simple word of kindness or thanks is enough for a Piscean to feel appreciated. Relaxed and placid, the Pisces man makes for an easygoing partner.

    He will be faithful and loyal to his mate. The quiet and unassuming Pisces man is a flash flood of passion in the bedroom. He loves fantasy and role-playing. Games in between the sheets are his specialty and he is a creative, generous lover. He is sensual, surprising, and seductive. In this case, still waters run to a whirlpool of desire with the Piscean who has had the floodgates unlocked. His intuition and eagerness to please mean that the Fish has a Casanova-like skill to give liquid, intense sexual satisfaction.

    understanding pisces man astrology Understanding pisces man astrology
    understanding pisces man astrology Understanding pisces man astrology
    understanding pisces man astrology Understanding pisces man astrology
    understanding pisces man astrology Understanding pisces man astrology
    understanding pisces man astrology Understanding pisces man astrology
    understanding pisces man astrology Understanding pisces man astrology
    understanding pisces man astrology Understanding pisces man astrology
    understanding pisces man astrology Understanding pisces man astrology

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